About This Station

The lakemexia.net station is powered by a Davis VantagePro II weather station, two computers, and two cameras which generate images and video. The data is collected every few seconds and elements of the site are updated every several seconds or minutes, depending on the data. Station data is collected using Weather Display Software. The station is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge and a thermo-hydro sensor situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible. Real time weather data and images are transmitted to a professional web service provider (in the cloud).

About This City

Situated in central Texas, Mexia is in a prime geographic location, centrally located between Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Residents have the very best of both worlds: the relaxed approach to life of a smaller community setting, and all the attractions of a larger city at their fingertips. With an average annual temperature of 67 degrees, Mexia is truly a great place to live ... no matter how you say it! (quoting the Mexia Chamber of Commerce!)

About the Lake

Lake Mexia is located on the Navasota River seven miles west-southwest of Mexia in north central Limestone County (at 3139' N, 9635' W). Construction of the Bistone Dam began in July 1960 and was completed in June 1961. It is an earthfill dam, and its 500 foot wide spillway has an elevation of 448.3 feet above sea level. The drainage area above the dam is 198 square miles. The project is owned and operated by the Bistone Municipal Water Supply District. Lake Mexia has a surface area of 1,200 acres at its normal capacity of 10,000 acre-feet. It provides water for the City of Mexia and the Mexia Adult Assisted Living Center and also is used for industry and recreation.

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